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Roof Restorations Melbourne

Roof restorations in Melbourne can improve the look and durability of your roof. It involves cleaning, repairing, and repainting your roof to protect it from the harsh Australian weather conditions. The process includes removing any debris, replacing damaged tiles, and applying protective coatings to prevent leaks and damage. Roof restorations can extend the life of your roof, prevent the need for costly repairs, and increase the value of your property. It is important to hire a professional contractor with experience in roof restorations to ensure high-quality workmanship and long-lasting results.

watertight & longevity

What is involved in a Roof Restoration

A roof restoration is required to ensure your roof is watertight, and give it a better longevity. This process includes all repairs required, high pressure cleaning and finally roof painting to give your roof a brand-new look.

Repair or Replace

Prior to starting the process, we will repair or replace any broken tiles to ensure the roof is properly sealed.

High Pressure Cleaning

We use a 5000+ Psi pressure washer to get rid of all moss, lichen and dirt to prepare the roof for spray painting.

Re-bedding & Re-pointing

We Re-bedd all ridge caps, valleys and gables as required. Then we proceed to the Re-pointing all over the roof using Flexipoint.


We seal the entire roof with a high-quality primer to ensure a strong adhesion to the paint and strengthen the tiles


Finally, we apply 2 coats of premium roof membrane using a 3000+Psi Airless sprayer to give your roof the final look you’re looking for!

Old And Damaged Roof PhotoRepointed Roof Shingles



For peace of mind and because we’re confident in the quality of our work, SM Roof Services offers a warranty on a full restoration. We are also 100% Insured and Registered. 

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